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Although my name is William, I much prefer the alternative of Bill because when at school if I was named as William, it usually meant that I was in trouble!


When younger I loved reading and would often disappear into my room for days, especially if it was something really special. Of course, I finally decided to try my own hand and dip a finger into the literary world by entering competitions. One particular weekly competition was within my city newspaper, perhaps a short story, or maybe a poem, yet never the less I often won and apart from the small financial reward it was the acknowledgement of being able to write that meant so much at that time.

As the years passed by my work became the priority and although I continued reading my personal attempts of writing became few. That was until February 1988, when I experienced a life changing accident that has left me as a wheelchair user ever since. Following a long recovery of several years, I then made an acquaintance with two young boys who were the sons of a neighborhood friend, and when they came to visit, I would teach them how to use a computer and keyboard. I quickly learnt that the best way for them to learn was to teach them how to type, and together we would then imagine short stories that would be presented to their parents.


It was many years later that the younger of the boys had then asked me the question “Why do people have wars?” It was not only a simple question, but also an enquiry that had then become the inspiration for my books. I wanted to explain in a non-political, racial, or cultural way , why we do in fact share our world with the evils of today. There are, however, so many of them, of which War, famine and disease are just a few. So, in order to present the story I represented each of the evils in a physical form, each with a name created by an anagram of the evil they were responsible for. For example, did you know that the evils known as the Smerg, are responsible for all of the germs that plague our world? I was then able to answer the questions “why are they here, where did they come from, what can we do?” Of course, there were as many questions as they were evils, and as a result I just could not stop writing. I love to paint pictures with my words, to bring the reader into the stories, to create laughter, sadness and fear, and most of all to encourage the reader to want to keep reading. So now my story has become a trilogy of adventure within a world where the extraordinary is the ordinary, the unbelievable the believable, and nightmares are a reality! Three books one story, and who knows it may even become four!

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